Gender And The Social Construction Of Gender In Society

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1. Describe 3 concepts about gender and how these concepts impact us individually giving at least one example from your personal life. There are many concepts about gender that impact us individually. One concept is gender expectations. Gender expectations are societal norms that considered acceptable for a certain gender or sexuality. a concept that ties into gender expectations is the social construction of gender. The social construction of gender is the societal expectations of what a certain gender is expected to do. Basically, the social construction of gender is the larger blanket that gender expectations lie under. This blank of expectation is not seen by everyone which lead to people fighting for equality for all regardless of gender, race and sexual orientation. People who believe in equality for all are part of feminism. Concepts of gender have a huge effect on people’s lives as some of the gender concepts are not easy to talk about. Concepts of gender have a greater effect on some people them other. The effect that they have on a person really depends on where within in gender concepts a person falls. The societal norms of gender have lifelong effects on people especially those that are oppressed by societal gender concepts. Even those who are feminist and are fighting for equality face their oppression for their decision to fight. Personally, I have been affected by gender expectations. My mom did not raise me to be a girly girl instead she raised me to be a
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