Gender And The Us Legal System

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Austin Manke
Gender and the US Legal System
California State University, Northridge
SOC 489
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This paper seeks to look into the influence of gender in the legal system, specifically its influence on one’s decision to seek legal help. It also seeks to either prove or disprove the hypothesis that women are more likely than men to seek legal help. Through a review of literature, it was found that the United States legal system is gender biased and favors women. While doing field research, it was found that women seek legal help more than men except for when it comes to seeking legal help for establishing child custody. A recommendation was made for social policy makers to work to eliminate gender bias in the legal system and allow for more gender-neutral courts.

Statement of the Problem
Gender inequality has been a hot topic throughout the last several decades. A majority of the research on gender inequality has been focused on the unequal and unfair treatment of women in the home, the workplace, in politics, etc. While research on gender inequality covers many areas of concern, it generally does not take into consideration the legal system inequalities that men may face. Also, a large amount of research has been done on unfair police and judicial interactions with men, but very little has not been done on the overall gender disparity of those seeking legal help. This research presents an exploratory analysis of gender and its influence
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