Gender And Your Birth Order

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Sisters are often beautiful women that have a lot of love to offer their siblings. Unfortunately, if your sister is suffering from addiction, there 's a good chance her behavior has changed for the worst. She may have started treating you poorly, committing crimes, or ignoring her personal responsibilities. Getting her the help she needs will be complicated by your personal relationship and any emotional difficulties the two of you may share. However, it is still possible to get her the help she needs.

Assess Your Relationship With Your Sister
Sibling relationships are often some of the most complex, but rewarding, ones on the planet. Your gender and your birth order are particularly important to how your sister will react to you when it comes time to discuss her addiction.

First born sisters are often lavished with attention from their parents, attention that is disrupted when you are born. For some sisters, that break is often enough to cause a lifetime of resentment. However, other sisters may have developed a protective feeling towards you, one that will make it hard for her to take your attempts to protect her seriously.

Younger sisters, on the other hand, often fall victim to being spoiled, meaning she may resist your attempts to help her simply because it feels like an attempt to take something she likes away from her. However, younger sisters often look up to older siblings as a form of protection and are may turn to you in times of need.

That dynamic changes…

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