Gender As Social Construction

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In society sex and gender definition is not same. Sex refers to biological differences that determines female and male. On the other hand gender refers to social and cultural expectations toward peoples’ behaviors based on their sex, so it’s better to consider gender as a social construction, and I agree gender as social construction rather than biological reasons. In the following I want to descried a history of ideas about male and female, observing some sociologists’ opinions concerning the issue and also some dimension that how peoples’ ideas can affect gender roles in society, the development in their social ideas, and a brief explanation about how to reduce the fault believes about gender. This belief that female and male must exhibit…show more content…
Also institutions, parenting, and media affect the gender development idea (Hackman, 2013). The following examples which are obtained from scholarly work show these effects. Gender-based Harassment: in schools male students hurt other male or female students in order to show their aggression and masculinity (Martino, Wayne and Pallota, 2005). Body Image: due to social interactions boys and girls have different perceptions of body image: "girls typically wanted to be thinner, boys frequently wanted to be bigger"(Cohane and Pope, 2001). The last but not the least example is Education which was very interesting for me. Teachers playing the most crucial role in children’s education and also their gender socialization at schools (Garrahy, 2001). Although in standard test the overall score of boys and girls where close, their scores in some different aspects were different (American Psychological Association, 1994). Scholars believe the mentioned difference is because the teachers treat their female and male students in different ways. For example, teachers allow their male students to speak in class without raising their hands (Garrahy,…show more content…
Fortunately over times, men and women's interactions in society have become more liberalized about the gender roles. For example, men have accepted that women should and can have roles in the public sphere, especially in leadership positions (Bolzendahl, Myers, 1974-1988). Although these changes in peoples’ perceptions have changed, there are still some people who believe women due to biological differences in comparison to men, cannot fulfil all tasks that men can do. Actually Norway’s women troops have proven everybody that women can be equal to men. These troops that are known as Hunter Troops, are trained alongside male paratroopers, they don’t sleep for 48 hours, they carry 22kg backpacks for 15 km, and also passing the same military tests as men troops do (Ponniah,

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