Gender Based Violence And Gender Inequality Essay

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Introduction In recent years, in the United States, the nation’s view towards Middle Eastern women has been altered due to their involvement in domestic and global terrorism. In addition, news of Middle Eastern women being mistreated by men and societal circumstances because of gender has arisen. In other words, Middle Eastern women are subjected to gender-based violence and gender inequality as a result of their sex. In Anne Meneley’s Tournament of Values: Sociability and Hierarchy in a Yemeni Town, Meneley briefly touches upon gender-based violence and gender inequality, but focuses more on how hierarchy plays a role in the way sociability is developed in Zabid, a Yemeni town. When I read Anne Meneley’s Tournament of Values, I learned that in Zabid, women play a pivotal role in building relations, the economy, domestics, and fashion. Active can be defined as an act of physical engagement. In the contrast, passive can be defined as not taking part on what is happening or what occurs to others. Yemeni women do not always play passively; they also partake in the active role. A Deeper Look at Anne Meneley’s Tournament of Values In “Economy and the Bayt,” a sub-chapter in “The Bayt: Family and Household,” Meneley explained how the role of women has changed in the Zabidi household. Back then, it was unacceptable for a woman to take care of a man. However, that belief no longer exists because education is now deemed important. Having a woman help in the house can help meet the
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