Gender Based Violence And The Young Girls And Women

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Issues within your own society go far beyond what you may be exposed to. This is important to understand when attempting to educate societies and help the young girls and women within them. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) aim to do just that. These organizations tackle a great deal of issues including, but not limited to, gender-based violence, sex-trafficking, forced or inter-generational prostitution, girls’ education, maternal health, and genital cutting. Gender-based violence is violence against women based on women’s subordinate status in society. (Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights 2003, Web) This type of violence is far too common in Latin America countries. In places like Mexico, there are many women who accept a rather unfair set of cultural ideas known as Marianismo. This ideology forces women to believe that the adversities brought forth by men are actually fundamental to womanhood and motherhood. On the other end of the spectrum are men who are often responsible for domestic violence against women and associated with child abandonment. (Pearson Education 2007, Print.) These men are known as “macho” men, and they follow an ideology called Machismo. These sets of beliefs are thought to prove the masculinity of these men. Often times when trying to prove this, they take control of women and engage in activities such as drinking, sex, and violence. Sex is something extremely important to these men. Their high sex drive means that their women must cater to
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