Gender-Based Violence Essay

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Gender Base Violence ENG 122 Alfred Penny Jr. Saint Leo College Gender-based Violence Gender-based violence is understood, explained, or justified in terms of gender roles, gender difference, or gender inequality. Most of the violence is perpetrated by men against women. Gender-based violence is often physical abuse, often involving sexuality, but it may also be psychological. Violence against women occurs in every segment of society. It doesn’t matter what class your in (upper, middle, lower), ethnicity (Black, White, Hispanic, Asian), culture (African-American, German, French), or country (Europe, United States). Various forms of violence and coercion are against women. Most of these crimes against women are…show more content…
Although most of the public attention to sexual harassment has focused on specific relations within workplaces, harassment also takes place in public places among strangers. This shows how commonly women are subjected to “abuse, harryings, and annoyances” on the basis of their gender, in spaces that are supposed to be open to everyone states Carol Brooks Gardner who studied public harassment. There are three types of public harassment outlined by Carol Brooks Gardner. The types are exclusionary (discouraged from entering a specific place), exploitative (when men following women around and invade their privacy), and evaluative (unwanted evaluations of their bodies, hair, or clothing). Often this behavior is trivialized as “people are just playing around” or “just trying to be helpful”. These types of experiences results in women being fearful of going into public places. Even though sexual harassment laws have become stricter, most women still do not complain about it for rear that they would be penalized for complaining. Harassment amounts simply to taking the gender-based communication, which is easy for men to fall into the habit of engaging in behavior that women find offensive and harmful (Sapiro, 397). Sexual harassment has taken on more specific legal
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