Gender Bias And Gender Inequality

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The average american female only makes ⅔ of what the average male does. Whether it is in school, or the workforce, gender inequality still exists and is a major problem. There is still a huge difference in the way women get treated compared to the way men get treated. Due to the invisible barrier that is holding back the success of women, social realities need to be redefined in order for gender inequality to longer exist. Gender inequality refers to the unequal rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men and girls and boys. There are three main ideas that contribute to it, but there are still many others that do too. One of them is sexism, which refers to the range of attitudes, beliefs, policies, laws, and behaviors that discriminate on the basis of gender. A second idea that also contributes is gender roles. Gender roles are rights, responsibilities, expectations, and relationships of men and women in a society. The third idea is gender bias, which is the favoritism toward one gender or the other. All three have a direct correlation with each other. Gender inequality is most common at school and in the workforce. A lot of people seems to think men hold a higher rank in life than women do just because they think women cannot do the same things a man can do. Just because the the anatomy of a woman and a man are different, doesn’t mean one or the other should get better treatment, but that is still a reality women face today. Men have access to many more
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