Gender Bias And Its Effects On Children

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Courtney Cox Arquette, actress on the hit 1990’s sitcom Friends, used In Vitro Fertilization or I.V.F., in late 2003 to conceive her daughter after struggling with infertility. Many couples all over the world are struggling with infertility or genetic diseases, and like Arquette, are turning to I.V.F. for help. Recently with the help of new genetic engineering, scientists have found a way for parents to choose the gender of their unborn child using I.V.F. Couples around the world are either delighted or disgusted by this rather controversial topic. Preselection of gender could cause a gender bias, designs children to desired specifications, and poses a higher risk to the child and the mother. Parents should not be able to select the gender of their unborn children without a logical medical reason. The process of gender preselection poses a high risk to society, particularly by leading to a gender bias. In a 2011 survey, 60% of surveyed couples with a gender preference prefered a boy to a girl (6). If parents are able to preselect their unborn child’s sex, the population of boys compared to girls will increase, leading to a gender imbalance. This is harmful to society because over time, men will have a harder time finding a partner. In some western countries, this has already made a large impact. China for example, is expected to have “more than 30 million men to women expected by 2020,” explains reporter Fauziah Ibrahim of 101 East News (2). In China, the gender imbalance
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