Gender Bias At Job Fairs

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Gender Bias at Job Fairs Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature Introduction to the Literature The first step in the research process is to locate literature that supports, or contradicts the hypothesis of the research study. It is to identify gaps in the topic area that need to be filled by future studies. Literature review also provides the context of the study in relation to its perspective field. This research involves gender bias at job fairs. Research on gender bias is extensive, but research on gender bias specifically at job fairs was unable to be located. Job fairs are hiring venues. Therefore, it would stand to reason that research regarding hiring practices would apply to job fairs as well. However, job fairs represent a unique environment that has specific issues that are not present in other hiring environments. Identification of these issues will be the focus of this literature review. This literature review only considers research that takes place in an academic research setting. The issue of gender bias has been a topic in publications targeted towards human resources managers, and in popular media. This study will only consider studies that meet the criteria of being performed according to empirical research standards. Due to a lack of research material that is specific to the topic of the proposed study, research will be presented in closely related areas that provide insight into the direction that the proposed study needs to take.
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