Gender Bias : Denial Of Clergy Rights

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Chapter 9

Gender Bias. Denial of clergy rights

“I have been a practicing Christian all my life and a deacon and Bible teacher for many years.... So my decision to sever my ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, after six decades, was painful and difficult. It was, however, an unavoidable decision when the Convention’s leaders, quoting a few carefully selected Bible verses and claiming that Eve was created second to Adam and was responsible for original sin, ordained that women, must be “subservient” to their husbands and prohibited from serving as deacons, pastors, or chaplains in the military service” – (Jimmy Carter, 2009).

In A. L. Cook’s 2010 study,36 The Denied Calling: A Look at the Role of Women in the Southern Baptist Church (SBC), she discusses the uneven history of the church in regard to its female members. In earlier years of the SBC, women were ordained to preach and ordained as deacons. Beginning in 1984, this act was rescinded with the caveat that women leaders ordained earlier than 1984 can retain their ordination. This has resulted in women leaders leaving the church.36 After the1984 resolution, opposition began to build both within and outside the Southern Baptist Convention. Scriptures opposing the views presented by the Convention were cited, and women’s organizations began to research the issue.36 The SBC claims that I Tim 2: 11-15 is their authority to deny female leadership in the Convention. The SBC also passed a resolution…

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