Gender Bias For Infiltrate Professional Industries Essay

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Allowing gender bias to infiltrate professional industries has many different effects, but one of the most problematic would be pay disparity. The gender discrimination that exists in our society today causes expansive wage gaps which favor men, and this is a problem that exists across all levels of working fields. There is a healthy amount of new studies being published every year that lay out the facts about what the gender wage gap looks like for the average American. One of the easiest ways to keep this conversation going is to compare these to the example of gender bias and discrimination that happen on a large stage, such as in Hollywood or the sports world. With the influence that these two monstrous industries have, the women who work within them are in excellent positions to speak out and challenge this issue that is too often pushed to the side. It is important to point out that “being privileged” does not exempt these ladies from the unfairness of the pay disparities, and their situations mirror and parallel those of the average working class American women as well. Gender discrimination and gender wage gaps are problems that need to be magnified in order to be eliminated.
Most people are familiar with the saying that the American women make x amount of cents to a man 's dollar. As pay inequality has increasingly become more of a concern, this is a very popular and simple way to get the facts across. It is better than the gap widening or being stagnant, but the
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