Gender Bias In Nursing Care Essay

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Introduction When hiring at a workplace, such as a hospital, gender should not be a discriminate when determining who is suitable for the position. When we look at labor and delivery floors and maternity nursing, we see that there are more female nurses employed than male. Due to the fact that more female nurses work on labor and delivery than males, we are looking further to find out if there are any specific reasons or any gender bias contributing to this.
EBP Presentation Topic
Nursing, unlike any other profession, consists of both males and females. Even though nursing is predominately women, male nurses represent 7% of the nursing workforce (Budden et. Al., 2013). Since the ratio of female nurses is higher than male nurses, there is controversy
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Population of Interest
The population of interest is nurses that are working on labor and delivery floors in hospitals. These nurses are both consisting of males and females, but our main focus is the male nurses staffed on labor and delivery floors.
Actively, there are more female nurses than male nurses in the nursing profession. Most of the nurses that work on a labor and delivery floor are predominately female. These nurses provide care to meet the needs of their patients no differently than any other nurses working on another floor. There is currently no evidence containing information that female nurses in women’s health are providing exceptional care compared to male nurses. (AWHOON, 2016)
Comparison Intervention
Recently, it was concluded that the nursing gender bias against men as nurses on labor and delivery floors were started when the male nurse was in nursing school. (Chang et. Al.,2010)
There has been a dramatic increase in enrollment of men in nursing school and due to this, more male nurses are branching out into specialty areas, such as maternity nursing. (AWHOON,
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