Gender Bias Of Becoming A Leader

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Key issues research brief set out to address are the gender bias in becoming a leader. Several key findings are that man over emerge as leaders in over emerge as leaders in self managing teams while women emerge as leaders once engaged in more agentic behaviors. One interesting finding revealed that gender roles did not matter when individuals engaged in social behaviors in fact man and women under-emerged as leaders, because social behaviors were not considerate as leadership traits by the groups. The article addresses the gender role inequality in pursuing leadership positions, trough out our class time on several occasions we touch upon gender inequality, gender related traits and how to influence some behaviors to promote gender equality (negotiations topic, communications, etc.) Most importantly I would like to discuss the current gender inequality situation in the world. We all know the good old saying “if you do not include women in your daily activity 50% of your populations intellectual wealth is eliminated”. Although this is a common understanding amongst all in modern society yet it lacks the practical application. There are ample research articles that outline the wage and leadership inequality amongst genders but there are no concrete articles or suggestions how eliminate gender bias. The research findings reveal general idea of what can be done to solve the leadership gender inequality by suggesting activities for women to engage that would positively
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