Gender Biological Sex And Gender Identity

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According to the textbook, the term Gender Dysphoria means “biological sex and gender identity do not match, thus leading to distress and impairment” (Chapter 8, pg.279). The textbook also discusses how “children with Gender Dysphoria is apparent in repeated statements that the child wants to be the opposite sex or is the opposite sex; cross-dressing in clothing stereotypical of the other sex and how the child has persistent fantasies of being the opposite sex such as; pretend play or activities associated with the opposite sex” (Chapter 8, pg. 279). However; the textbook also mentions how “people with gender dysphoria have persisted discomfort with their own sex” (Chapter 8, pg. 279). After watching the video, It doesn 't appear that the little boy wants to be a girl. It just appears that the little boy loves girl related items and clothing. The little boy calls him self "Princess Boy" instead of "Princess Girl". It also appears that the little boy is not showing signs of distress within the video. Furthermore, the textbook mentions “how within young children cross-dressing is common and how their presence alone does not seems to create significant distress, however; these behaviors may result in peer rejection or isolation which can result to negative moods” (Chapter 8, pg. 280). In addition, the textbook mentions, “among children with gender dysphoria, distress does not result from cross-dressing but from being prevented from engaging in the desired behaviors”
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