Gender Classes In Schools

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Have you ever looked in a high school classroom? Do you wonder what actually goes on inside the classroom? Like when the teacher steps out of the room. I know that when I am in the class Iĺl see a girl or a boy jokingly smacking or poking each other (AKA, flirting)...Which can draw attention from others in a class. Well I know of this due to I am facing it first hand. To help prevent from actions like decreasing grades, distractions, and chances of dropping out, then I agree to that split gender classes would be effective to my school district.

Some may say, both sexś need to learn how to be around one another. But due to single sex classes, a principal at Charles Drew elementary noticed the state average had gone to a D to a C. As it is
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Yes that is absolutely true, but having mixed classes can encourage bullying for someone trying to impress one of the sexś. As it states in the article, [(¨The biggest improvement was a decline in disciplinary infractions and bullying). (Boys are trying to impress girls, and girls are trying to impress boys,¨ Ms. Brown said. ¨And we have removed that variable out of the way¨).First paragraph on last page.] For an example, Mikey is really Athletic and Trevor is really smart in the classroom. They both have a crush on Lindsey, so they always compete and try to show off infront of her. As using this example, Mikey could have possibly try to make trevor feel down or even trevor make Mikey feel sad by saying a rude comment or making fun of one or another. When they were just trying to get a girl to like them. Or even the same for girls, one may do there makeup better or do their hair style nicer.

In thesis, these three paragraphs prove how single-sex classes can be a positive motion towards students of all ages. By having split gender classes it will decrease dropouts and increase attendance for most students. Even more than Co-Edu. Also, in logistics all male classes have increased in math scores more than Co-Edu. Finally, bullying is now a decreased function in Single-sex classes due to that boys will try to impress girls and girls will try to impress boys. In conclusion, this is why I
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