Gender Codes In Advertising Have Hugely Impacted My Own

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Gender codes in advertising have hugely impacted my own views and how I currently interact with friends, families, and even strangers that I see walking around on the streets. It is pointed out by Sut Jhally (2009) that the reason for this being, masculinity and femininity are strongly portrayed in advertisements as two completely opposite things. In most ads, men are shown as strong human beings with complete control of whatever problems may arise to them whereas women are shown the complete opposite. Their bodies are usually in positions that suggest that they’re being controlled by men and are completely dependant on them not being able to face troubles that may arise (Jhally, 2009). This expectation of what masculinity is, is shown all…show more content…
Advertisements not only change your perspective of others but in fact changes theirs as well towards you. When advertisements show men, they depict them as strong, action-ready, emotionless characters that are muscular and almost like animals as shown in The Codes of Gender: Identity and Performance in Pop Culture. This sets a standard for other men to fit into and not doing so has dire consequences. When walking around and interacting with new people, I automatically try to fit into these criteria that the advertisements have created to define masculinity because if I don’t then I feel like they judge me based on what ideologies they’ve been brought up with, which is mostly like the same advertisements that separates masculinity and femininity completely. I believe this has been encoded to us so thoroughly that if you don’t succumb to his categorization then you’re not as approachable compared to someone who is.
Women are also sexualized in a majority of advertisements which consequentially alters the thoughts of men around us into having certain expectations for them. Goffman (2009) argues that women are often shown lying down in vulnerable sexually available positions, and even biting on their lips and pulling on their skirts in advertisements. Personally, I have seen this effect my friends because as men they’ve fallen into this trap of the ritualization of subordination women. When we’re in school together walking down the hallways they always judge
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