Gender Confidence : Gender And Overconfident

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Alejandra Paulino
Social Psychology
Cornell University
Gender and Overconfidence

The World We Live In:
“What are you thinking of becoming?”
“An engineer.” I said
“Women don’t go into the engineering field..”
A casual conversation with an overconfident man.

This is the kind of world we live in.
Men are brought up to the world and are told to be confident. They are encouraged to stand up for themselves. While women are told to do anything possible to have a man by their side. They are shown strategies on how to satisfy a man's needs, and most of all they are taught how to be a proper “wife.” There is a clear correlation between confidence and knowledge, and it predicts that women do not differ in knowledge but because we are raised and influenced by society we doubt our abilities. There is no real difference between women and men when it comes to intelligence but there is a direct correlation between confidence and success in schools.
Even in the 21st century, women are still not as confident as men.We live in a world where acceptance is all based on predetermined characteristics that one may possess; for example a child’s race, sex and culture. The gender roles associated with each sex are enforced by society and heavily influence a person’s confidence. The gender gap that exists in the field of mathematics has become embedded in our culture.
Research presented by Niklas Jakobsson, Minna Levin, and Andreas Kotsadam shows that there is a clear difference between the

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