Gender Construction And Its Impact On Society

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1. To say that gender is “constructed” means that as a society we are taught to be either male or female from the time we are born. Our parents and society shows us what we are supposed to be by toys, the colors we wear and much more. Honestly I think that the people who classify themselves as female or male are benefiting more because they are giving better opportunity’s People who chose to be other than strictly male or female are looked down on. Especially in the working world people of the LGBTQ community are discriminated. Although there is not supposed to be discrimination in the job however there is and it is not fair. When Safe space came to talk to the class it truly opened my eyes and answered all of the urging questions I had. I think that we are limited and trapped by gender construction because the people in this society are so closed minded. The world is changing and people are becoming more acceptable of people who do not identify themselves as male or female. As more people of the LGBTQ community speak out the more social roles and gender construction changes. When it comes to the film beyond beats and rhymes I do not know how relate to gender construction. In the fill it was sad to see the way men degraded women in the video by touching and calling them names. I hurts that our society is so immune to this that we don’t realize when it is not acceptable. 2. The three social systems that I will talk about are work, heterosexuality and marriage. I believe
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