Gender Contribution To The Process Of Gender Socialization And The Media

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Gender Socialization and the Media

As we have learned, there are many different arguments as to how we form our gender identity. Some argue that males and females are biologically different and therefore have “hard-wired” tendencies towards masculine or feminine behavior. Other theories argue that gender is learned through the process of observation and socialization.

In reality, it is most likely a combination of these factors (and others) that contribute to our overall gender identity.

Regardless of the precise factors that contribute to gender identity formation we must acknowledge that messages we receive from various forms of media greatly contribute to the process of gender identity formation.

Your task:
To explore the various ways in which the media contributes to gender identity formation. Specifically, I want you to explore the gender role messages that are “sent and received” through media.

Also since we have been talking about culture, if possible, try and explore media from viewpoint of your dominant culture. You will notice that different cultures have different messages about gender expectations.

You are going examine the various ways in which media perpetuates (reinforces) specific gender roles.
• You need to collect 2 pieces of evidence from media
• 1 piece needs to examine the masculine gender and 1 needs to examine the feminine gender
• Evidence can come from: magazine articles, newspaper magazine advertisements, T.V. show clips, T.V.
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