Gender : Culture And Gender Essay

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Culture and Gender
Heather Richardson-Barker
Drexel University

Society has clearly defined boundaries between what is considered to be male or female. The development of an individual’s gender role is formed by interactions with those in close proximity. Society constantly tells us how we should look, act and live based on gender. Family, friends and the media have a tremendous impact on how these roles are formed and the expected behavior of each gender role.
Gender, as defined by the United Nations, includes the psychological, social, cultural, and behavioral characteristics associated with being female or male. It further defines acceptable and allowable behavior in for both men and women in a broad cultural sense (United Nations, 2016). Gender identity impacts our development and how we interact with society. Our daily life decisions are impacted by our gender role beliefs.
Gender ideologies determine the roles that men and women should adhere to in society and are influenced by an individual’s social beliefs and experiences. From traditional to egalitarian values, prejudicial and discriminator behavior towards women can be explained as either interest based or exposure based (Bolzendahl & Myers 2004). The interest based theory is dependent on whether or not an individual’s personal goals are negatively impacted by gender inequality. If so, they are then more likely to embrace an egalitarianism way of thinking.

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