Gender Differences Among Women 's Career, Success, Appearance, And Gender

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Behavioral gender differences evident in life have their sources both in biological background and the societal contributions, yet they do not qualify to be the source of injustice or inequality of any kind towards women. The underlying scientific factors work hand in hand with the societal and the environmental contributions. As much as women want to thrive, be the best and win, in most cases, they tend to neglect their ambitions because of widely accepted view of their male counterparts’ superiority and women’s incapability of competing with them. However, it is possible for women to show their identity, without taking into consideration the biased perspective of men and societal stereotypes regarding women’s career, success, appearance, and even personality. Women do not have the equal right to choose what way of life to live and what kind of person to be, because women are restrict by the limitations created by men’s subjectivity, the peculiarities of upbringing, and women’s acceptance of socially designed feminine role. Women are born to be women, and they should live as such. They are as strong as men and should have equal opportunities to explore and experience the world to their choice, without victimization. The feminine character, which need approval from men and seeks to be inferior to them do not actually describe women. Some women do not wear the façade of the feminine character to make men feel superior, rather fit and struggle less. If behaving in a feminine
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