Gender Differences And Communication Technology

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Annotated Bibliography Rappleyea, Damon L., Alan C. Taylor, and Xiangming Fang. "Gender Differences and Communication Technology Use Among Emerging Adults in the Initiation of Dating Relationships." Marriage & Family Review 50.3 (2014): 269-84. Print. The authors study shows how technology has impacted the way young adults engage each other at the start of a relationship. They analyzed how dating has changed from previous generations with the emergence of communication technologies. Their findings show that males and females prefer to use different technologies when starting to develop their online relationships. This research also showcases how technology played a large role in the early stages of romantic relationships. I agree that technology has completely changed how relationships begin and how they are maintained. Their findings are extremely useful for my argument on how technology is changing the way we date and interact with each other. Lee, Paul S. N., Louis Leung, Venhwei Lo, Chengyu Xiong, and Tingjun Wu. "Internet Communication Versus Face-to-face Interaction in Quality of Life." Soc Indic Res Social Indicators Research 100.3 (2010): 375-89. Print. Paul Lee 's along with the other authors text analyzes how the Internet impacts how people socially interact with one another. They also argue about whether communicating online has the same benefits as "face to face interactions"(2). Their conclusion of the research shows online communication versus

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