Gender Differences And Gender Equality

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Throughout history, gender differences and gender equality have been issues that have faced many social, and unjustifiable conflicts. Women most importantly pay the consequences for wanting equality and justice. Since the beginning of time, women were perceived to be the submissive role in a household, and in the workplace. Fighting for their equal rights women and men are unified to get the same results, to be treated the way they deserve, and to be able to think freely about what they stand for. One question still remains, and that is to what end have man and women fought for gender inequality?

Gender and inequality is an issue that continues to strive in the world’s population. Women have been fighting for centuries to be treated fairly in not only a social specter, but an economic one as well. The only way to move on and keep fighting is to understand what has happened in the past to lead to this argument. Kimberly Gauderman has claimed that the Audencia of Quinto is an ideal site for studying the position of women in 17th century Spanish America in her book “Women 's Lives in Colonial Quinto” she begins by telling the stories of two women named Maria, and Ventura. Both women lived in Quinto, but only one got the justice she deserved. Both women live separately from their husbands because of abuse. The only difference was that Maria never got the help she needed from the authorities, but Ventura 's husband was killed by police officers that were trying

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