Gender Differences And Gender Inequality

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Gender differences and gender inequality are sometimes used interchangeably but do not refer to the same thing. The two concepts are common in gender literature; however, they are not uniform across different cultures based on the degree of conservative attitudes present. The significant differences between sexes and used as arguments against equal rights primarily against women’s rights. Hence, the gender issue has continually been created in light of the standard views or conceptions of gender. The views of sex are different across various cultures and social situations. Gender stereotypes and norms tend to reinforce the identities and constrain the behaviors of men and women in various ways leading to inequality. Gender inequality varies across different cultures creating social and economic stratification suggesting that women and men can be different but equal. This essay will talk about the relationship between gender differences and inequality, and how can women and men be different and equal.

Description Gender Inequality Gender inequality involves unequal access to same rights or opportunities by gender. The aspect is present in most societies and males tend to be better positioned compared to women in the social and political hierarchies. Different organizations and prominent individuals have been on the front line to encourage gender equality by forcing the governments to eliminate inequality in various sectors, such as education. Gender…
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