Gender Differences Are The Dominant Sex

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Throughout history gender differences are have thought to start evolving early on in a child’s life. Through the process of socialization not only underneath the parent’s care, but through experiences with other children and adults children start to develop a sense of gender identity and how they should behave based on their scientifically determined sex. Gender is defined by how one performs a given role and the characteristics they display that determines whether they fulfill a male or female role in society (Newman 139). Each culture varies in how the two genders are characterized, based on values that have evolved over thousands of years of history. However, many basic traits of men and women are agreed upon throughout the world. Males are stereotypically known to be strong and assertive, smarter, go-getters. They are the dominant sex. Their appearance is known to support their psychological characteristics with large muscles and tight jaw-lines. Their strength has shown to give them the upper hand in history. Females in Western society have historically always been known to show emotion easily and are thought to be as softer psychologically and physically and are generally less aggressive. These characteristics have made it harder for women to be taken seriously, to obtain the same rights as men, and to be treated fairly. The two widely known genders, male and females exhibit characteristics almost completely opposite one another, dividing the two genders completely.

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