Gender Differences Between Gender And Sex

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Often times you go through life, being confused about what to wear, what to eat, or what you just learned in class. However, many people are constantly categorized to be confused about what their whole life and purpose is, because they cannot be placed in one of the two socially accepted gender categories- male or female. This idea or “disorder”(Medical Dictionary) is commonly known as being transgender. I do not think that there are only two categories for gender; I believe that there are people who are not considered to be only male or female, but both. Due to different religions, influences, social structures, and expectations, people can be put into hiding and therefore never establish a distinct and accepted place in society. In the ongoing controversy, I believe society continues to make the transgender community and essentially any other difference in humanity an uncomfortable subject, which is easily converted to the individual being confused about their social identity or gender. The difference between gender and sex, according to Marilyn Frye is that sex is based off of the biological make up of who you are. For example, what chromosomes you inhibit through DNA replication, and what genitalia you are born with. Gender refers to “ behaviors, roles, expectations, and activities in society” (Medical News). According to Medical News Today, another unique aspect and trait that both gender and sex hold is that the differences in sexes do not vary throughout the world,

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