Gender Differences Between Men And Women Essay

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Considering all the questions in this assignment, this one sticks out to me most. I worked as a cosmetologist (hair dresser) for over six years, in which a majority of my coworkers were female. However, I also worked as a martial arts instructor for a couple years and served in the Army for four years, both of which are male dominant professions. Intuitively I noticed a vast contrast in social interactions between men and women, yet I have had difficulty pin-pointing the exact differences. Obviously, the military utilized abrasive and assertive speech, and I correlated it to professional differences rather than gender differences. However, learning the subconscious tendencies of communication polarities with men and women, and introspectively looking back at past interactions, forced me to realize it may be just as much a gender gap as a professional one. I always wondered why some men enjoyed challenging me in conversations. Although they have not always been direct about it, they attempt to dominate the conversation by interrupting me and saying things with shock value in attempt to throw me off balance. I am now convinced it may be my abnormal linguistic mannerisms as much their desire to take the leading male role in the conversation. For example, after spending the afternoon with a female friend, Kim, then later joined with her husband, Alex, I wondered why my mannerisms changed so abruptly, even while conversing with both of them at the same time. I assumed it was
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