Gender Differences Between Men And Women

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Gender differences between men and women


Gender difference can be expressed in many ways. In our daily life, there are many phenomenon can be explained by gender difference. For example, man always like to pay attention to political news, but women focus on gossip news; Women like shopping very much but men never want to go shopping; for the same thing men and women will make different evaluations. These entire phenomenons are because of gender difference. How the gender difference show? Where is the gender differences mainly reflect? In this paper I’m going to make a careful study of gender difference between man and woman.


From a biological point of view, humanity comprises two sexes, men and women. It is determined by a person’s sexual anatomy, chromosomes, and hormones. It’s inborn, the moment we have been born, we are judged as male or female according to the physiological characteristics. But gender difference is based on the concept of gender, which refers to socially defined differences between men and women. In the society, we are treated different because of different sex; we accept different education, grow up in different culture and so on. Then men and women will have many differences that are gender difference. Gender differences can reflect in different aspects, such as physiological, social behavior, communication, etc. I’m going to explore that gender difference are mainly reflected in what areas of life in this paper.

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