Gender Differences Between Men And Women

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There is much debate on the issue of personality differences between men and women, some believe that that men and women are vastly different, others only slightly and the rest firmly believe that we are no different from each other at all. A large quantity of research has been conducted in order to try to find this out. Firstly, it is imperative that gender and personality have a clear definition to prevent confusion. Gender is a psychological perception of masculinity and femininity and can be either seen as two extremes or a continuum. Personality is more difficult to define, for this essay we will be following the belief that it is stable but slightly flexible as this give space for a wider range of research and does not constrict the field in which we can research. Stereotypes also play a factor in the debate as some research has strengthened certain stereotypes and weakened others. Age also can have an impact on personality so will be mentioned slightly alongside gender roles and cultural aspects of personalities. The theories surrounding gender differences in personality will also be discussed and evaluated.
Due to the nature of stereotypes, research into these areas can give or take away strength to the beliefs. Weisberg, DeYoung and Hirsh (2011) used the ten aspects of the Big Five model, identified by DeYoung et al. in 2007, in their study and they replicated earlier research which found that generally agreeableness, extraversion and neuroticism were more likely to
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