Gender Differences Between Sex And Gender

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Now in our generation there has been great controversy about what gender you are and what kind of love you believe in. One thing many people fail to realize is that your gender and your designated sex are two completely different things. Not only is there that divide between sex and gender but there is pre-determined rules that everyone is expected to follow that is connected to their specific gender. Because gender is an ever-changing thing for some there needs to be the support for those wishing to live their life the way they want, without judgment. Along with the judgment because of the way someone feels they should be there are many crimes a year because someone chooses to change genders and enjoy their life. The support that Americans provide now is good but there needs to be a better society for those that feel differently about their predetermined sex. Sex and gender, two words that people get mixed up a lot. So to set things straight, sex: the biological differences between two people (chromosomes, hormones, and organs), Gender: how one thinks about their gender (cultural values) (Gender). Social construction of gender causes a great problem because it makes some feel as if they can’t display the way they truly feel about their bodies. For example, society expects males to be masculine and do the dirty work for society. While females on the other hand are expected to be feminine and dainty, they are supposed to be in the kitchen cooking and dressing in

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