Gender Differences Between Sexuality And Gender

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In sociology, we make a general distinction between sexuality and gender. Sex is the biological trait that we use to determine whether or not a person is a male or a female, whether it be through chromosomes, genitalia, or some other kind of visual physical description. When society talks about the obvious differences between men and women, they are often drawing on sex rather than gender, which is now an understanding of how society helps to shape our new understanding of these biological categories. In class we learned how to differentiate between the three, understanding that Sex refers to the natural or biological differences that distinguish males and females, Sexuality refers to desire, sexual preference, sexual identity, and behavior, and Gender is a social construct that consists of a set of social arrangements that are built around sex.

Gender, like all other forms of social identities, is considered to be socially constructed. Social constructionism is a key theory used to put gender into a more historic and cultural form. It is a proven social theory- meaning is created through social interaction. Through the things we do and say with other people, this theory proves that gender in itself is not a fixed or innate fact, instead it varies across place and time. Gender norms, or the the socially acceptable ways of acting out a specific gender, are learned from birth through childhood and are taught as is. We learn overall what is expected of our gender through what…
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