Gender Differences

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Gender differences
In today's society, people are becoming more aware of the problem of stereotypes. Although we are meant to live in a fluid society, the portrayal of rigid stereotypes by the media does not help to reduce this problem. Many issues involving sexual status and gender stereotypes have been disputed, including the ethical reasoning behind why stereotypes should be dismissed and avoided in advertising.
Male and female stereotypes have always been present in our daily lives, but they were stronger in the early years before the fifties. These differences caused social problems such as forbidding women to use jeans instead of skirts or dresses, the famous stereotype in which the woman stays at home taking care of the children
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When we say “gender”, the person identifies itself as what they want to be: male, female, both or none. The sex of a person only depends on the reproductive organ, nothing more. That’s why transgenders exist: they may be born with an extra organ or without it, and still think as the other gender. This organ shouldn’t imply how the person should think or act, as it is different from the brain.
Some terms such as “genderfluid” are getting common over the internet and people are getting identified with it, as it denies the existence of the binary gender. A genderfluid individual may feel like a woman one day, wearing dresses or makeup, and the next day feel like a lumberjack willing to show off his muscles or something. I don’t mind this idea, but I know people who say gender fluidity doesn’t exist and is only used to cover personal insecurities, common in teenagers. But I say let them be: If we can have so many different religions or beliefs, why is it so difficult for people to respect different thoughts? We will never be able to know what’s going on inside another person’s mind 24/7, so what’s best is to respect others as much as we can, even if their ideas are so different from ours.
Although I think everyone’s different, science has made experiments in which it is shown that due to the difference in hormones from men and women, males are more likely to be aggressive,

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