Gender Differences, Gender, And Women

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The 3 key Themes, surround men in the 1900s when they did not respect women out of there wifely duties. In the 1900s women generally had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men. Wifehood and motherhood were regarded as female’s professions. “A man in the 19th century owned his wife and children as he did his material possessions.”(Susan gazelles). Most middle and upper class women had servants to do some or all of the housework. Some women were involved in, teaching in schools for poor children, making clothes for the poor and running kitchens. Also ways women were treated first was measured in what class you were in, then carried off unto if you were pretty or not then ended with what religion you were in. Women always had it hard just like African Americans in the 1900s The 3 Themes that are seen throughout the play "Trifles" are gender differences, females having an identity and women vs. men. I will explain the great meanings behind the messages of these powerful and symbolic themes The 1st theme surrounding gender differences is first found when we realize that most of the story, the two genders are separated socially and mentally. Glaspell shows examples of this throughout the play, and also demonstrates it through the characters ' actions "These were trifles to the men but in reality they told the story and only the women could see that” (Sherif 774). In Trifles, the men believe that they give females an identity by the females not having a first name…
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