Gender Differences In A Market With Relative Performance Feedback Analysis

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Wozniak, David. "Gender Differences in a Market with Relative Performance Feedback: Professional Tennis Players." Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, vol. 83, no. 1, June 2012, pp. 158-171. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1016/j.jebo.2011.06.020. “Gender differences in a market with relative performance feedback: Professional tennis players” by David Wozniak makes the argument that with new research and analytics, women tend to be less competitive than men, shown through professional tennis players. He provides examples and data of professional tennis players to understand if there is a gender competitive gap and why it exists. This source is useful to my overall inquiry as it provides a contrasting idea of competition affecting spectators…show more content…
This will help me gather background information as well the history of women in sports to understand why the gender gap exists in sport. Massengale, Dana and Nancy Lough. "Women Leaders in Sport: Where's the Gender Equity?." JOPERD: The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, vol. 81, no. 4, Apr. 2010, pp. 6-8. EBSCOhost, Dana Massengale and Nancy Lough’s collaboration piece talking about the gender equality among women leaders in sport brings up important details regarding the under-representation of women leaders in intercollegiate athletics. She also compares that to the “increasing participation” of women in the sporting field (Massengale and Lough 6). Her sub topics—“Current Status of Women Sport Leaders,” “Barriers or Discrimination?”—reinforce her overall message towards the growth of value for women participating in sporting fields (Massengale and Lough 6). The quote “In essence, to begin to break the cycle of under-represented women leaders in sport, there is a need for girls to feel valued in sport”(Massengale and Lough 7) expresses this very ideal. Being specialists in the field of sport science, Massengale and Lough have shown coherent analysis throughout their viewpoint. This article can further help me understand the
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