Gender Differences In Sports Research Paper

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Midterm Question 2
A. The role of men and women in sports has been contested throughout history. Institutions of gender have shaped sports in various ways, one of them being participation. This gendered nature of participation in sports has assigned a subordinate role towards women within sports. Additionally, the prevalence of gender-based discrimination in sport mirrors traditional gender stereotypes and reinforces gender inequalities. For instance, the opportunities that are available for women and girls to participate in sport are often restricted. Women are frequently segregated involuntarily into different types of sports, events, and competitions specifically targeted to women. Even when participation is allowed, the dynamics of gender
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This leads to many individuals viewing sports as being a gender divided area. 
 When the baseball team in the article, “Phoenix school forfeits game due to female player”, chose to rather forfeit the team than face a female player, it shows the strong views individuals have towards gender in sports. According to the article, there is a held belief that females do not belong in certain sports. “Our Lady of Sorrows” has a policy prohibiting co-ed sports and with this, reinforces boundaries between girls and boys in athletic competition. Their belief against co-ed sports by removing girls from athletic competition discriminates women, which reinforces gender division in organized athletic competitions instead of focusing on the “sport for all” model, giving only certain groups the opportunity to participate. This applies to almost all sports, including baseball, which women are culturally discouraged to play. Instead, they are institutionally driven into playing the female alternative of softball. This sport has built-in differences designed to show that it is an inferior variant to baseball, presenting the physical inferiority women have compared to men. It also demonstrates the hegemonic sports culture that exists, in which sports are occupied by men, discouraging the…show more content…
The participation of women and girls in sport challenges gender stereotypes and discrimination, and can, therefore, be a vehicle to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Women are beginning to challenge gender norms, opening up increased opportunities for more women and girls. The cultural myth of baseball being only for boys and softball for girls is being challenged increasingly over time. With this, the surge in opportunities for girls and women to play baseball shows the growing belief of equality in sports for women. Creating more opportunities for girls and women to play baseball includes challenging the social norm of girls switching to softball. It is becoming increasing socially acceptable for women to play baseball and sports in general and people are being more receptive to this idea, which in the past had seemed unthought
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