Gender Differences In The Wonder Woman, Like Superman

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Throughout my research paper I am going to compare and contrast the differences between how everyday people look at a female superhero, like Wonder Woman, and male superhero, like Superman. In the paper, I would like to look at the differences in the amount of clothing Wonder Woman has on and the amount of clothes a male superhero normally has on. I would also like to look at the physical differences the two genders have when it comes to muscle physique. Another interesting topic to look at is how we look at a female character and a male character, as in who the intended audience is. I would like to look at superhero action figures, and show how the ‘boy’ toy section differs from the ‘girl’ section when it comes to superheroes. Even though Wonder Woman is just as powerful and important as other male superheros she is often easily centered out from other superheroes because of her physique, lack of clothes, sex appeal and her gender.
One could use this source in order to compare and contrast the differences between the boy toy sections and the girl toy sections in stores. In the article, Paige Averett explains how her and her friend went to the store to look for a Wonder Woman toy, but failed to find a single Wonder Woman action figure. Averett explains, “No Wonder Woman. But even more fascinating was that she was on a group of packages but not actually made into a figurine. Wonder Woman is a character in the ‘‘League of Justice,’’ and all the other characters, all male,

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