Gender Differences Surrounding Parenting And The Responsibility For Children

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In this article, Doucet focuses on the question of why there are preexistent gender differences surrounding parenting and the responsibility for children in heterosexual couples. Although there has been an increase in fathers’ involvement in childcare, mothers still remain strongly associated with the responsibility for children. This trend has not shifted even when mothers are involved with the same amount, or even more paid employment than their husband. Consider the fact that Canadian studies have discovered that although women have increased their involvement in paid work, they still did more domestic work than men (Baker, 2014). Which lead us to wonder, why is there this bond between women and their children? Doucet believes that to erase these gender differences in parenting, the notion that women are the ‘homemaker’ and men are the ‘breadwinner’ needs to be forgotten. Doucet focuses on paid work and child caring during the first year of parenting, and emphasizes it as a crucial time period for the development of either equal or unequal parenting roles. It is suggested that long-term gender equality in caregiving among heterosexual couples can be lead by gender equality in caregiving during the first year of parenting (Doucet, 2009). Doucet states that most fathers don’t take this time to be with their baby, leaving the mother to be the primary caregiver. Some men can’t get the time off work, while others honestly just feel like they don’t need to be at home and…
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