Essay on Gender Differences and Emotions

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Coexistence between men and women is not impossible or always difficult. However, problems arise when there is an expectation or automatic assumption of what the opposite sex will think or feel about any given situation. Acceptance of each other without trying to change the other to suit our own personal need is by far the simplest way to achieve a harmonious relationship. The challenge we face today is in accepting and recognizing the differences between men and women; and when possible find the humor in those differences. I have had 35 years experience in the area of male and female differences and believe me, there are many. In sharing my experiences, perhaps you will find some wisdom and a better understanding of this complicated…show more content…
Men on the other hand want a situation handled as quickly and straightforward as possible. Most of the male species, does not feel the need to express verbally the issues with all the infinite details as women do. Men are more likely to look at the overall picture and proceed from there. It has been said that men often have the built in feeling of authority and assume, this feeling is understood by all. When using this thought process, there is little need for words. The process of solving a problem does not emotionally affect a man as it does a woman. Smart men realize that women need to feel appreciated and understood and they are known for wanting the last word. So men, remember when her last word has been spoken, leave it at that. Your next word could be the start of a brand new argument! It may be a fact that most "bad" words are four letter words, but there is exceptions to every rule. Sensitivity is a "bad" word that consists of much more than four letters and is a dreaded word by most men. When women speak of sensitivity, there is a smile in their eye and the word itself takes on an angelic tone. Sensitivity is the foundation for forming a relationship for both men and women, but what does sensitivity mean to the male gender compared to the female gender? A great relationship for the male is most often the sharing of activities. Sharing activities often signal a close solid
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