Gender Differences in Anxiety Disorders

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For my individual paper assignment I chose to summarize three articles containing information about gender difference in anxiety disorders. I found three articles that surrounded the information that I had to explain about my research. The 3 article titles that I will explain in this assignment are gender differences in anxiety disorders, gender differences in panic disorder, and effects of gender on social phobia. The first article is explaining my main topic that I chose for this assignment. The article is about panic disorder, which is a form of an anxiety disorder. The last article is about social phobia, which is also another form of an anxiety disorder. Between these articles that I have chosen, I hope to conclude with…show more content…
Premenstrual hormonal fluctuations may partially explain the increased incidence of panic disorder in women. These fluctuations may also be explained for the increased frequency of respiratory-related symptoms in women with panic disorder. Everything that was explained through this article and the other one listed above both shows that studies indicate a higher female to male ratio in panic disorder. They conclude this article by stating that various theoretical explanations for these differences point to possible physiological differences, including the possible influence of sex hormones on respiration. As shown throughout these two articles, women suffer from anxiety disorders way more than then men do. The final article that I chose to present my information on my topic is title as the effects of gender on social phobia. The article starts off by explaining there is at least tow million people in the United States that suffer from a social phobia in any given 12-month period. Social phobia which is a form of an anxiety disorder, consists of the fear of situations in which the person could be scared by others and the anxiety that he or she might perform an action that bring about humiliation and embarrassment. There are two categories of social phobia that need to be discussed. The first

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