Gender Differences in Leadership Styles and Behaviour

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Gender Differences in Leadership

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Table of contents SNo. | Title | 1 | Overview of the study | 2 | Objectives of this study | 3 | Masculine and feminine leadership | 4 | Factors that influence an individual’s leadership style(Not gender-linked) | 5 | Leadership - The Indra Nooyi Way | 6 | Howard Shultz - Leadership Of Starbucks Coffee | 7 | Comparative study of the leadership styles of Indra Nooyi and Howard Schultz | 8 | Conclusion | 9 | References |

Gender Differences in Leadership Styles and Behaviour
Overview of the study:
The term "leaders" refers to persons holding formal positions of leadership in complex organizations in
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3. Male leaders put tasks before relationships Men are considered to set tasks before relationships, while women on the other hand are more people- oriented and focus more on establishing interpersonal relationships. They are warmer and softer compared to their male counterparts.

4. Male leaders are more inclined to an authoritative style
Male leaders more frequently operate in mediums bound by hierarchy, status, rules and orders. In contrast, women normally function with connectivity and closeness as paramount. For women, status and hierarchy are not key and women are not predisposed to giving orders, but rather express preferences and suggestions which are likely accepted.

5. Male leaders communicate “to-the-point”
Male leaders usually keep it short and sweet. No personal talk, just down to business and go. Female leaders on the other hand talk on a more personal note while addressing subordinates.

According to Rolf Granér there are general scattered attitudes which make men and women function differently (Granér, 1994). Those attitudes are the following:

Male properties | Female properties | Result oriented | Relation oriented | Logical | Intuitive | Independent | Dependent | Focused on competition | Cooperativeness | Restrained | Emotional | Investigating | Caring | Selfish | Understanding | Powerful | Soft | Bold | Careful |

Factors that influence an individual’s leadership style
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