Gender Differerences in Language Learning

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Genders Differ in Language Use The purpose of the study, including the specific research question studied: Language Learning Strategies (LLS) are the activities or actions that learners take in order to effectively receive, store, retrieve and use information that they gain. Learners take such actions in order to facilitate faster and easier learning as well as make learning more enjoyable and effective (Mahamod et al., 2009). According to Mahamod et al. (2009), gender results into differences in Language Learning Strategies with studies showing that, females are better in using Language Learning Strategies than males. There however exists differing views in which some studies indicate that there is no difference in the use of Language…show more content…
Using the sample of 457 students, analysis produced an F Value of 3.122 and a significance level of 0.003. Univariate test indicated that there also existed significant difference between the male Arabic students and female Arabic students in the use Affective and Metaphysics categories of Language Learning Strategies. Estimated marginal means indicated that female students were using Affective and Metaphysic categories more than male students. However, the researchers found no statistically significant difference in the use of the other five categories of Language Learning Strategies. The researchers therefore rejected the two null hypotheses that they had stated for testing. According to the researchers, these findings were consistent with findings from previously done research activities regarding use of Language Learning Strategies. The researchers suggested that these differences could have resulted from the differences in biological and socialization aspects between males and females. For instance, women depict better socialization abilities and verbal skills compared to men. Moreover, women are better in acquiring language than men. The conclusions drawn by the author: The authors concluded that there exist difference in the overall use of Language Learning Strategies between males and females. This proved that gender plays a great role in performance in fields such as linguistics, psychology and

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