Gender Discrimination: A Global Issue

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In 2012, women reported making only 77 cents compared to a man’s dollar. Also, it is reported that “thirty four percent of all male wage earners supervise other people, while only sixteen percent of all female wage earners are in a similar positions” (Wlodarski). This is one of the most common examples of gender discrimination. Gender discrimination, also known as sexism, is the unjust treatment of either males or females. The most common form of gender discrimination, as shown in the example above, is discrimination against women. The continuation of discrimination against women will be harmful to society considering it will be easy to fall back into old traditions. Gender is such a general trait that discrimination towards women could…show more content…
This could put the world into a perpetual use of discrimination towards women forever. Sexism directed towards women can also come in the form of body images and expected roles. The world is filled full of unrealistic expectations for women. These expectations are most commonly in the form of body image. Society makes women out to be the stereotypical tall, thin, and stereotypically attractive. Expectations like this are discrimination against women because men are not treated in the same fashion. Men are not pressured in all aspects of life to dress or look a certain way. First, these unrealistic expectations can lead to health risks. Some of the most common health risks related to body image are eating disorders. In a study done by the University of Sydney, twenty women who were suffering eating disorders were interviewed about their experiences. The results showed that one of the leading causes of developing an eating disorder was the need to fit into society (Patching, Lawler). Eating disorders are usually driven by the need to be a certain weight or appearance and often times can be detrimental to the health of the person. Society has created a standard at which it thinks women should be and women are killing themselves trying to get there. It is completely unhealthy. Unrealistic expectations also lead to problems other than health. Society not only dictates how women should keep their bodies, but also what they should wear. Magazines and television
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