Gender Discrimination Against Women And Women

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Gender discrimination against women is out of control across the world and seeps into many aspects of women 's lives. This discrimination harms women in two ways. First, women directly experience stressful events. The experience of sexism is so common that some research suggests women can experience one to two instances of everyday sexism. But women aren 't only harmed by sexism through the physical stress caused by others. They are harmed to the extent that they internalize and adopt these sexist attitudes that can manifest as poor self-concept. This negative self-concept often obvious on a subconscious level, as women and men will demonstrate automatic negative biases against women (Ferguson, 2013). The article “The #LikeAGirl commercial is no way to empower young women” by the LA Times strongly suggest that this campaign is no way to empower girls and women around the world. As stated in this article “Running in place will always make you look as though you’re running like a girl. That’s because it’s not really running. It’s telling your audience, “Look at me, running!” -- which is a girl thing to do” (Allen, 2015). This article is suggesting that this commercial will only enhance the stereotypical views put label as being like a girl, and that the fact that the advertisement is for women’s menstrual pads does not help either. I believe this article has a lot wrong with it. Although yes in some people’s eyes this campaign may enhance the views of a stereotypical girl in
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