Gender Discrimination And Its Impact On Society

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Inequality is a concept which expands over different locations, societies and time in history. It surrounds us in everyday life and has become normalised to the point that one does not pay a second thought. This concept is often not recognised if not for awareness or education on the subject. Yet, it is also important to think about the causes of such outcomes, for example the use of discrimination. This divides people simply based on their race, sex, age and even gender, often making it hard to grab certain opportunities. Discrimination, in one way or another, then becomes the stem of inequalities in certain areas - such as the workplace. Specifically for the female population in several countries.

Gender discrimination has been
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Women are often perceived to be soft spoken, gentle and having a purpose of reproduction in our patriarchal society. If we do not comply to these expectations we are seen as deviant and disrupting societal rules.

As such expectations are placed upon us we are already robbed of the opportunity of taking upon or being given desired jobs. When your race and ethnicity comes into play then this task becomes seemingly more difficult. For example, with institutionalised racism we see the police force paying more mind to young Maori youth when it comes to offending. The Ministry of Health recorded a staggering 27% of adult Maori having had experienced some form of discrimination in 2011. The discrimination being a result of the stereotypes placed upon them by fellow New Zealanders and even the media. With these institutions constantly targeting these groups, we are more inclined to believe the surrounding stereotypes. Many employers take these perceptions onboard when a person of the said ethnicity applies for a job.

These forms of discrimination then contribute towards inequality and risks job opportunities for women. We are already placed into what are considered the less-skilful and caring jobs such administrative work, clerical roles or nursing. If a woman works as a nurse it is expected as society thinks it is because of her caring nature. If a woman takes upon a job in a male
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