Gender Discrimination And Patriarchal Oppression In Mahesh

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Gender discrimination and Patriarchal oppression in Mahesh Dattani’s plays Tara and Bravely Fought the Queen. R.Mythili, Lecturer,DIET, Dharmapuri. Introduction Mahesh Dattani’s plays mostly deal with the problems of the women and the marginalized. “Feminism” is probably the most popular and the most complex one. It refers to the prolonged struggle against the “tyranny of the patriarchal state” and it is based on the urge for the equality of women in every walks of life. It attempts to fight against the oppression of women on various levels. Dattani is one such writer who has brought to our notice the discrimination and injustice done to women of our society. He depicts the feminine side which always has to come to terms with society…show more content…
The doctor was persuaded by giving some acres of land in Bangalore by Bharati 's MLA father.This conspiracy needs to be commented upon in the light of what happens to the girl child in Indian society. Mr. Patel is also not devoid of fault.He continuously and doggedly favours Chandan when it comes to giving him higher education abroad, and a career. He appears to be more concerned about the future of Chandan than Tara. Bharati’s excessive love for Tara results from her past guilt. She feels the pangs of her past guilt. She, allied with her father, did great injustice to Tara. Now she wants to give more and more love and comforts to Tara. It is because of this that she wants to give her own kidney to Tara when there is another donator available. She wants to give part of herself and craves satisfaction out of this. The play also can be deemed as the tragedy of human self. Dan realizes wretchedness and misery of his existence which is the outcome of the crime done to Tara. There is an unprecedented development in the field of science and technology. It has blessed mankind with speed, pleasure and perfection. If we look at the other side of coin, we shall come to know that it is also used to cause suffering and pain in the lives of many people. After all, it is the man who operates the machine for his own motives and desires. The play Tara shows us how technologically enhanced equipments are used to subjugate the woman. The play also

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