Gender Discrimination And The Transgender Community

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus has become the emblem to defend the idea that biological sex assignments govern what an individual should and must adhere to. How one should dress, speak, express themselves, etc. Dalton Conley explains that gender “[Is] a collectively defined guidebook that humans use to make distinctions among themselves, to separate one being from another, and to comprehend an otherwise fuzzy mass of individuals.” (279) However, when this “collectively defined guidebook” is mildly altered, many individuals are confused and respond negatively towards these changes. Transgenders are individuals who identify with a gender that does not correspond with their sex, and so embrace the attributes of the particular gender they identify with. However, gender is a social construction that has allowed many to make sense of the world, it has established social norms, and those who follow it have been granted a sense of superiority against the transgender community. Consequently, when someone breaks these gender-based norms they are in many cases treated with no respect and unequally. Discrimination against the transgender community exists in nearly every sector of society, from educational attainment, job attainment, and proper medical attention. Transgenders additionally face difficulties within their families, which are supposed to be the primary source of support. There also continue to be those who are highly opposed to the choices these individuals make,
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