Gender Discrimination And The Workplace

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2.1 Introduction
For many decades now it has been said that there has been inequality in the workplace, it has been a major issue in the workplace in terms of women not being allowed to have certain jobs as well as in terms of women not being promoted within the workplace which all contributes to women being paid less than men. According to Ryan and Branscombe (2013), gender discrimination has been defined as the "differential treatment members of one group receive compared to another" by many social psychologists. It has been said that in 2007 the Office for National Statistics (2013) says that the medium hourly pay between men and women as the lowest since regards began being a gap of 12.5%. This review will discuss the reasons for inequality and if it still exists.

This segment of the dissertation will demonstrate the theoretical context of equality in regards to employment: how women viewed in the workplace, which will be done by reviewing theories and research of relevant authors. The aim of the literature review is to examine whether Gender inequality still exists in the 21 st Century as well as to use a theoretical perspective in order to achieve the aims of this dissertation. In order to achieve the aim of this literature review, the aims and objectives will be used to find out if there are still traces of inequality in the workplace. This literature review will briefly look over the aims and objectives of this dissertation which are to:
- Identify the extent to
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