Gender Discrimination At The Workplace

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Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Santisha Fleming Human Resource Management Dr.Juluis Demps –Management 360 Jacksonville University April, 1, 2015 American women can vote, hold office, and they can work in a public work environment. They are considered have an equal opportunity when compared to men. What is the true definition of equal employment opportunity? Does this mean that women and men are offered the same opportunities in the workplace? As well treated equally in regards of the opportunities of advancement and pay .Just because a woman can hold the same position does that mean that they will be offered the same amount of respect and given the same pay as a man. Nobody should feel objectified or discriminated upon for any reason. There is to believe to be a gender gap in the workplace environment .There has been several acts and laws made to try to create an equally employment environment for both men and women. Yet, the problem still occurs. Women are among the most discriminated groups in today’s world .Some companies try to implement solutions in regards to fix the problem, but other companies simply ignore the problem at hand. Gender discrimination in the workplace can be referred to as a “glass ceiling” in organizations in regards to a woman .Glass ceiling began as a discrimination against women in the work force. “Glass ceiling” has several different kinds of discrimination against women workers including differences in pay for work, also
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