Gender Discrimination : Gender Equality And Wage Gap

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Gender Discrimination – Gender Equality and Wage Gap
Do women earn less than men? In today’s society, money is one of the most important sources of livelihood; therefore, it is surprising to know that some women are paid less than men for doing the same job. One of the reasons that there is a wage gap is often linked to traditions and stereotypes. Some of the stereotypes include: women experience difficulty balancing work and family life, they are not vigorous, they are too emotional, and that they should not hold positions of power. Because of these misconceptions and stereotypes women are often expected to lessen working hours, or stop working altogether to look after their family.
Women have come a very long way since the commencement of feminism and the fight for parity. However, the gender pay gap proves to be immensely detrimental to women and minorities nationwide. It is crucial to the future of the economy that every person within the same qualification, regardless of their gender, is able to earn the same wage for the same work.
This report will look into how gender roles have changed over time, the reasons why society has a wage gap, and why closing the gap could engender a more equal and cohesive society.

Women’s Roles through Time According to Oxford Dictionary, gender roles can be defined as, “the role or behaviour learned by a person as appropriate to their gender, determined by the prevailing cultural norms”. Throughout history we can see that cultural
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